50th Anniversary

Mesrobian at 50: From Breaking Ground in 1964 to Groundbreaking in 2015

Armenian Mesrobian School will continue to celebrate its half-century of education and service to the community with a 50th anniversary Gala, which will take place on Saturday, February 20, 2016, at Armenian Apostolic Holy Cross Cathedral’s Bagramian Hall.

“The Gala is an opportunity to rally around Mesrobian School’s achievements and ensure continued progress for the students, families and communities Mesrobian School serves,” said daughter of one of the school’s founders, Goharik Gabriel, who is a member of the school’s 50th Anniversary Steering Committee.

A full half century has passed since the dream of Mesrobian School became a reality. From Breaking Ground in 1964 to Groundbreaking in 2015, Mesrobian is, in many ways, leading the way in education with its innovative approaches that have caught the attention of the education community – public, private, and independent.

The school’s achievements, spirit and student body are growing at a rapid pace not seen in years. Families across Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and Orange Counties are converging upon the school as the good news continues to spread. When they arrive at Mesrobian, students and families are offered a safe and loving environment, where Armenian identity is thriving and academic excellence is a priority. Students receive the attention and nurturing they need to be successful in school and in life.

The Gala will reunite countless members of the Mesrobian family, which spans across generations, professions and even continents. Mesrobian School stands upon the shoulders of giants, the dedication and sacrifices of whom form the legacy upon which the school builds its bright future. The evening will recognize select organizations and individuals who have had a major role in the development of the school.

Guests will include all graduating classes, past faculty and administration, parents, and community members.

For more information and tickets, contact the school office at (562)699-2057 Goharik Gabriel at (323)440-7297 Lussy Garboushian at (562)201-1670 Sarah Hadjinian Kirakossian at (818)419-7257 or by emailing info@mesrobian.org.

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Armenian Mesrobian School, established in 1965, is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and has High School (12th Grade) through Nursery School (2 years old) on the same campus. Mesrobian’s environment offers a unique opportunity for students, teachers, and parents to grow together. The High School curriculum is certified to the University of California. Mesrobian’s ‘Alumni Network and Mentorship Program’ connects students with five decades of alumni who have distinguished themselves in fields as diverse as education, science, business, media and advertising, medicine, music, law, dentistry, chiropractic, public service, politics, engineering, veterinary medicine, psychology, and others.