Khachigian, Anahit
  • Performing Arts Teacher

Khachigian, Anahit


Music is an important part of the lives of all people and culture. Music speaks to every person in unique ways, emotionally and intellectually.

THE MUSIC PROGRAM at Armenian Mesrobian School provides students with music skills that last a lifetime. When musical intelligence is developed, children become healthy, fully functioning adults who have not lost the capacity for wonder, the ability to feel deeply, and the urge to create something that expresses beauty.

The development of these music skills helps produce individuals who can focus their attention for longer periods of time.

In music classes, all students at school have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs, recitals, performances and assemblies. These active music performance skills are developed in each child over a period of years. All these experiences give the students a sense of personal accomplishment that is very satisfying.



Performing arts is a form of art in which artists use their voices or bodies, often in relation to other Performing arts include several disciplines, each performed in front of a live audience. Theatre, music, dance, and other kinds of performances are present in all human cultures objects, to convey

Music is an art form which combines pitch, rhythm, and dynamic in order to create sound. It can be performed using a variety of instruments and styles and is divided into genres such as folk, pop, and, etc. As an art form, music can occur in live or recorded formats, and can be planned or improvised. As music is a protean art, it easily co-ordinates with words for songs as physical movements do in dance. Moreover, it has a capability of shaping human behaviors as it impacts our emotions.


What we do in the performing arts elective:

  • Perform musicals
  • Create a choir group (with different sound levels)
  • Armenian dancing